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Better Bunion Treatment for the New Year

A new year, a new foot. We’re talking about bunion treatment! Take a step in the right direction this year and invest in some treatment for, and prevention of, that lump on the side of your inner foot. Turns out, it’s as easy as...
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How to Treat Cold Toes from the North Pole!

I spy with my eye something green—it’s the Inaugural Festival of Trees, open until January 3 at the Indiana History Center in Indianapolis. The exhibit features 25 trees all decked out in their own special themes, including “Santa’s Workshop” and “Home for...
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Need Winter Boots? Make Sure They’re Right!

Some people shudder at the sight of the first snowfall, while others plunge headfirst into snow piles, collect snowflakes on their tongue, and are making snow angels before you can even say “Look, snow!” Love it or hate it, winter is coming. That means you need to be prepared...
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5 Tips for Relieving Morton’s Neuroma Pain

If you love track and field, you may be missing the announcer saying “last call, 500 meter run” or hearing the crack of the starting pistol… unless you come out to watch the indoor Hoosier Open at Gladstein Fieldhouse on Friday, December 12! If you are missing your own...
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Say Yes to Strengthen Ankles and Prevent Injuries

Saying “yes” to more turkey, “yes” to pumpkin pie, and “yes” to leftovers can leave you with quite a food coma (not to mention indigestion) following Thanksgiving festivities. Didn’t anyone warn you? Well, we’re here asking you to heed another type of advice. If you’ve been saying “yes” to...
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8 Ways to Keep Exercising with Neuropathy

Keep exercising with neuropathy, because even though you may feel like the pain is too bad—or you’ve just stuffed yourself with, what feels like, the entire Thanksgiving turkey—the motion will improve circulation, stimulate your nerves, and may help reduce pain and...
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How to Know When Orthotics Wear Out

How many friends do you have on Facebook? Out of those so-called “friends,” how many of those people would you lend $50? I’m guessing not all of them—you’d be really broke, besides! Behold, National Unfriend Day! A way to get rid...
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Try Basic Physical Therapy for PTTD

When you are remodeling your home and wanting to take out walls for that highly sought after “open floor plan,” you need to be careful that you don’t affect or damage the main supporting structures in the home. There are also main supporting structures in your feet and the...
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Take Care of Your Bunions at Home

Sometimes you have to be creative in fixing things to make them last. An old treasured antique may not look as good as new, but you can add polish and tweak parts here and there so it works. You can find such fixed-up items at the local B-Town, Jolly...
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Chronic Ankle Pain Complications

What happens when you launch a pumpkin hundreds of feet? Get the chance to see at the annual Bloomington Pumpkin Launch  this Saturday, November 1 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. Luckily, when your ankle fractures, you can put the pieces...
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