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Award-Worthy High Heels May Mean Bunion Pain

Many talented actresses and actors are nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards—simply being selected is an achievement in itself. Even winners can be losers too, though, if someone develops bunion pain from wearing high heels to the ceremony.
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Neuropathy Treatments You Can Do at Home

Neuropathy is so boring! No, we really mean it. Pain from this nerve problem in your feet can leave you with a dull, aching, burning, and numb sensation that’s hard to relieve. However, this discomfort may also make you feel boring—it can keep you from smiling, starting a new...
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Best First Aid for Injuries is RICE

Rice is a great ingredient to elevate your soup to another level, and what better day to really up your soup-making game than on Homemade Soup Day! On Wednesday, February 4, you can treat your friends or family to some wild rice soup, minestrone, or the classic chicken noodle....
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Sole Massage and Stretching for Heel Pain Relief

Foot MassageBeing grateful can significantly change the way you look at your life. If you’re thankful, it’s easier to put things in perspective. Take your heel pain, for example. Sure, it’s
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Beat Your Pain and Try Physical Therapy for Foot Drop

DJ, drop the beat! On Tuesday, we’re celebrating these entertainers who can turn any event—a wedding, bat mitzvah, or birthday—into a dance party. However, while a beat drop is fun, a foot drop is definitely nothing of the sort. Let’s talk more about when we recommend physical therapy for...
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How to Cheer Up from Arthritis Pain

Ice cream is more than 5,000 years old! It’s true, people in China were mixing sweetened juice with snow and ice as far back as 3,000 BC. Nowadays the cold concoction even has its own holiday. Strawberry Ice Cream Day, on Thursday, January 15, celebrates the creamy goodness that...
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Ankle Sprain Recovery after Icy Falls

The winter season is in full swing and this means it’s time for fun activities like sledding, skiing, and ice skating. Speaking of ice skating, Frank Southern Ice Arena now offers public skate daily and allows Bloomington residents to have fun as they circle the rink. Whether skating or...
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Better Bunion Treatment for the New Year

A new year, a new foot. We’re talking about bunion treatment! Take a step in the right direction this year and invest in some treatment for, and prevention of, that lump on the side of your inner foot. Turns out, it’s as easy as...
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How to Treat Cold Toes from the North Pole!

I spy with my eye something green—it’s the Inaugural Festival of Trees, open until January 3 at the Indiana History Center in Indianapolis. The exhibit features 25 trees all decked out in their own special themes, including “Santa’s Workshop” and “Home for...
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Need Winter Boots? Make Sure They’re Right!

Some people shudder at the sight of the first snowfall, while others plunge headfirst into snow piles, collect snowflakes on their tongue, and are making snow angels before you can even say “Look, snow!” Love it or hate it, winter is coming. That means you need to be prepared...
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