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5 Tips for Relieving Morton’s Neuroma Pain

If you love track and field, you may be missing the announcer saying “last call, 500 meter run” or hearing the crack of the starting pistol… unless you come out to watch the indoor Hoosier Open at Gladstein Fieldhouse on Friday, December 12! If you are missing your own exercise routine, too, because of swollen nerve tissue in the ball of your foot, here are five tips for relieving Morton’s neuroma pain that may work for you.

#1 – Change your shoes. Because the nerve growth can be aggravated by tight shoes, wear only those that have enough room for your toes to lie flat, straight, and wiggle up and down. It also helps if the closures are adjustable (laces or buckles work well).

#2 – Try ice. Many times, placing a thin cloth on the painful spot under your foot and applying an ice pack to it for 15 to 20 minutes can help ease the swelling of the nerve and lessen your discomfort.

#3 – Massage. If you notice the pain while walking, take off your shoe and massage the painful area for a minute or two. This increases blood flow, which helps you heal, and also loosens the tight ligaments and tendons pressing on the nerve.

#4 – Try padding. Sometimes if you put a little extra padding in a circle around the painful spot, it offloads the pressure from it and relieves your pain. Using a cushioned liner in your shoes can also tone down the pain you may feel from a hard insole.

#5 – Rest from activity. If running makes your toes hurt and the ball of your foot feel numb, take a break. Try swimming or use the stationary bike instead to get your cardio workout. We know it’s not as exciting as the 100-meter hurdles, but it’s better than pain!

If you have more questions about what Morton’s neuroma is, or need treatment for a painful foot, set up an appointment with Kevin J. Powers, DPM, in Bloomington, IN, by calling (812) 333-4422 or requesting one on our website. Relieving Morton’s neuroma pain is one of our specialties and we are eager to help you so you can enjoy your favorite activities pain free once again. For more foot care tips, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, too!

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