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Feet, being the complex machines that they are, have a balanced structure. The proper alignment distributes weight and forces evenly, allowing the feet and lower legs to operate painlessly and to the best of their abilities. If the structure falls out of alignment, due to heredity or other factors, then forces are not properly distributed and problems such as pain, injuries, or sores can develop. This is where orthotics come in to set things right.

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic is a prescription device that provides support to the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the foot and lower leg. This support can help redistribute the forces of a misaligned foot structure in order to relieve pain, restore balance, or improve mobility. The majority of orthotics are custom-made for an individual, and often take the form of inserts that can be moved from shoe to shoe.

What kinds of conditions might benefit from orthotics?

A custom insert, specialized shoes, or other devices can provide relief from the symptoms of many conditions, including bunions, heel pain, flat feet, corns and calluses, neuromas, and complications of the feet resulting from diabetes. Not every case might benefit from the use of an orthotic device, however. Each problem must be considered on an individual basis.

How is an orthotic prescribed?

First, we conduct a full examination of your feet and ankles to determine whether orthotics might help you and, if so, what type would be most beneficial. A foam cast impression is then made of your feet. This is sent to Icon Lab in Florida, along with our prescription, so that custom inserts can be expertly designed to your specific shapes and measurements. This process takes about 2-3 weeks, and once your orthotics arrive we will meet to make sure they provide the exact fit you need.

What about store-bought inserts, pads, cushions, or supports?

In some cases, a store-bought insert might provide someone with the right form of relief. That’s perfectly fine when it does, but many people will not find complete benefit—or any at all—from these “one size fits all” options. If your feet or lower legs still hurt after trying a store-bought insert, then it is worth visiting a professional to see whether a custom-made insert would be more effective for you—or even another form of treatment entirely. Regardless, custom inserts are designed to be much more durable than their store-bought brethren, often lasting a number of years.

Whether your discomfort has recently developed or lasted for years, do not turn down the potential of orthotics and other devices to provide the relief you deserve. Dr. Kevin Powers is happy to help you determine whether inserts or other methods of treatment can help you regain your comfort and make getting around more enjoyable again. Please feel free to contact us at any time through our online form or by calling our Bloomington, IN office at (812) 333-4422.

Additional Testimonials

David Carr Testimonial

“The orthotics are awesome and make my feet feel great. No pain at all anymore. Thank you Dr. Powers!” – David Carr

“I had a problem with pain in my left heel. I couldn’t walk without limping. Dr. Powers diagnosed the problem and I was given therapy and orthotic inserts for my shoes. My foot is so much better now, I can’t believe it. Dr. Powers and his staff did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend them.” – Ronald E. Johnson

“When I first visited Dr. Powers’ office I was experiencing heel pain in both feet. Dr. Powers thought I might benefit from orthotics since I had some relief when he taped my feet. I have now had my inserts for over a month and the heel pain has vastly improved! As an added bonus, the pain that I was experiencing in my hips has also subsided. I would strongly recommend Dr. Powers to anyone with foot pain. He AND his staff are very thorough and also very friendly. Thanks to all of you” – Melissa Ira

“I experienced foot pain for two years before I came to Dr. Powers. I had tried pain pills, a Chiropractor and a Doctor. Praise the Lord I found Dr. Powers who suggested orthotics after an MRI. I can walk now without pain. I had no surgery. Thank you Dr. Powers and your wonderful staff for solving my foot problem.” – Mary Janice Bottorff

“Dr. Powers and staff were great! I came in with severe pain in my left toe joint due to bone spurs. Dr. Powers suggested orthotics. I was fitted for them and now one month later am doing great! I run daily and operate a horse farm. This has made a HUGE difference in my life. Thank you!” – Jeff Womack

“My work requires me to walk on tile and concrete eight hours a night. After just three weeks of using my new orthotics, I am 80% improved from the pain I was experiencing. I’m covering more area and am moving enough faster that I lost about five pounds already. I would recommend Dr. Powers and his team to anyone who experienced foot pain while walking.” – Jeff Womack

“I came to see Dr. Powers and his staff two months ago with severe heel pain and within the two months my pain has gone away due to the great care of Dr. Powers and staff. I had ordered orthotics and they feel wonderful. Thanks for the care and warm friendly service and making me pain free while walking. I feel wonderful !! Thanks again. ” – Bonnie H. 

Bonnie testimonial

“Dr. Powers and staff were great! I came in with severe pain in my left toe joint due to bone spurs. Dr. Powers suggested orthotics. I was fitted for them and now 1 month later am doing great! I run daily and operate a horse farm. This has made a huge difference in my life! Thank you!” – Heather Turner

“I have been having pain in my left ankle for two years. I came to see Dr. Powers and his staff 2 months ago. He took x-rays, recommended good support shoes from Smiths & Orthotics. I have had no pain since. It has been wonderful being treated by this office and have already recommended them to many of my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Powers and staff for relieving pain I had daily for two years. I am amazed at the quickness of my pain going away. It has made a great difference in my every day.” – Angie Helms

“I had pain in my right heel and Dr. Powers had new orthotics for my shoes and it decreased the pain without surgery. Also something I did not know I had a pinched nerve on top of my left foot. He said it is like carpal tunnel. He gave me a shot and also that took care of my pain, without surgery. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.” – Brenda Hyper

“I came in to Dr.Powers with pain in my left heel and arch. With orthotics and a cortisone shot, I am now pain-free. Dr.Powers tried just the orthotics first, going for the least painful,least invasive treatment possible. It helped, but not much. Dr.Powers then gave me the cortisone shot. Within days, the pain had completely reduced to nothing! Along the way, he had assured me he wouldn’t give up until I was pain free. I’m so happy to be able to resume my long walks! Im able to clean the house without limping around by the end of the day! It’s so nice to have my life back. Thanks, Dr.Powers!”-Sharon Gorub

Sharon Testimonial

“Thank you so much for the help with my ankle pain. It has been just a few weeks and the orthotics, plus the other corrections have helped tremendously.  My quality of life has greatly improved! I really appreciate all you have done!” -Jennifer Todd

“Dr. Powers did a fantastic job identifying the cause of my foot pan and quickly has a fix that worked. Referrals to all!” -Nick Horishny

“The care of the doctor and his staff was great. The inserts have deleted all of my pain and what I do have continues to lessen daily. Thank you!!” -Peter P. 

Peter testimonial

“Thank you so much for fixing my foot pain. The new orthotics have worked so much. I no longer have constant pain in my feet.” -Tonya Long

“Before I care to see Dr. Powers I was in pain as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. After having my orthotics for a month, I am virtually pain free. What a difference coming here has made! The staff here are wonderful, thanks so much for helping me.” -Jonathan Bigham

“I am a 58-year-old active woman who had a plantar fascia injury that left me needing crutches. Dr. Powers ordered orthotic inserts. Within a few months I felt little to no pain. I am looking forward to my usual exercising, including running, within another month. I feel that I am a lucky lady to have healed so quickly! Thanks, Dr. Powers!” -Sue Wiethoff

“In my profession it’s easy to acquire injuries that are foot related. Dr. Powers and his team have always been a great asset to help me back onto my feet! Always a pleasant experience when I have had to visit them.” -Matthew Corey

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