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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown ToenailsHats off, your toenail is all grown up! However, it’s too afraid to leave the nest. Instead, it’s just going graduate into the side of your skin, creating an ingrown toenail. Let us help your nail move out. We have solutions at Kevin J. Powers, DPM, that get rid of your ingrown toenails permanently.

The Early Days of an Ingrown Toenail

Usually, this problem occurs at the corners of your nails on your big toe. When the nail digs in and keeps growing, it can pierce your skin and create redness, swelling, pain, irritation, and infection. Drainage and a foul odor are often the characteristics of an infection—make sure you keep your eye out for these indicators, as the other common symptoms don’t have to be present for an infection to develop. If you notice an infection or have a condition like diabetes or poor blood flow, visit out office for treatment.

Why Your Toenail is Digging in its Heels

You might have heredity to blame for this one. Your inherited toenail shape may be the reason for developing an issue—some people have naturally curved nails. Trauma plays a big part, too. Stubbing your toe and dropping a heavy object on your foot might alter the way your toenail grows, making you more at risk. Fungal toenails and losing your toenail altogether might also create problems.

Running and soccer can be another cause because these activities involve repeated trauma on the front of the nail, whether you’re hitting the front of your shoe or a ball. Check your shoes and socks—you might be able to find a pair that fits your feet better. Wearing shoes and socks that are too tight can make your nails go through unnecessary trauma that, again, is a big cause of this condition.

What We Offer at Our Office

We offer a method that will get rid of your ingrown toenails forever—good news if you suffer from this problem frequently. We will numb your toe and painlessly remove the portion of nail that’s creating the problem. Medicine goes in the corner of the nail at the root. That section of your nail will never grow back and pierce into the side of your toe again.

After your procedure, you can get back to regular activities within a day. There are no restrictions on bathing or wearing shoes, either. You may experience some very mild pain when the numbness wears off, but it rarely requires medicine. We’ll still prescribe you some antibiotic medication if the infection is still present, however.

Keep Your Toenails in Line to Prevent this from Happening

Wearing properly fitting shoes will keep this problem at bay. If you still notice the issue cropping up, examine the way you cut your toenails because sometimes this can be what creates the issue as well. When you trim, you should avoid cutting the toenails too short and make sure to trim so it’s curved in the corner of the nail.

If you’re going to do home treatment, soak your feet in Epsom salt and massage the side of the nail that hurts to reduce inflammation. Never cut a notch in your nail or attempt any other bathroom surgery yourself. Call the experts at Kevin J. Powers, DPM, in Bloomington, IN, at (812) 333-4422 to help with your ingrown toenails or contact us using our online form. You can also find our office on Facebook!

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