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General Foot Pain Relief Testimonials

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 Treatment for Nerve Pain in the Feet

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What are the long effects of Nerve Decompression surgery?

Eliminate Tingling and Shaking Caused by Diabetic Neuropathy

 Treatment for Idiopathic Neuropathy

Treatment for Extreme Pain & Burning in Feet – Pre-Operation

Treatment for Extreme Pain & Burning in Feet – Post-Operation


Stevee Craney

“As an x-Ray tech, I spend many hours on my feet in the hospital. When my feet began to hurt I turned to Dr. Powers. He recommended I try Orthotics. After a month of wearing them I have noticed a big change. I no longer have foot pain. Thank you Dr. Powers and his staff for helping me get back on my feet comfortably.”

Stevee Craney's testimonial

Laurie Staring

“I came in to Dr. Powers with constant pain in my left heel and arch. With orthotics and a cortisone shot, I am now pain free. Dr.Powers tried just the orthotics first, going for the least painful, lease invasive treatment possible, It helped, but not much. Dr.Powers then gave me the cortisone shot. Within days the pain had completely reduced to nothing! Along the way he had assured me he wouldn’t give up until I was pain free. I am so happy to be able to resume my long walks! I’m able to clean the house without limping around by the end of the day! It’s so nice to have my life back. Thanks, Dr.Powers!”

Laurie Staring's testimonial

Rebecca Hoke – McCall

“Both nurses and doctor were attentive, encouraging, and full explained the procedure to me. For the first time in several years, I have hope and each day I can see improvement in my walking. Impossible to fully convey my gratitude”

Jerry Brown

“I have had severe pain and numbness since my right knee replacement 5- years ago. Dr. Powers operated and relieved pressure on the nerve. One week follow and there was no pain. First time in several years; I wish I had seen him sooner.”

Louis Stephenson

“I was experiencing pain much like a sprained ankle and back pain. With the orthotics and better supporting shoes most, if not all of that has gone away. I can now even walk on uneven ground without pain. Thank you Dr. Powers and your cheerful, friendly staff!”

Chris Robbins

“The orthotics and recommend shoe brand have helped to reduce foot pain and added overall stability while moving about. I should have done this years ago!”

Teresa Crews

“I am so amazed at how wonderful I felt after post surgery. I was expecting a lot of pain, but that never happened! Even the next morning when I woke up there was still no pain, I just couldn’t believe it. I could walk, sit, stand for the 1st time like normal even walking up stairs was simple. I’m so very grateful to Dr. Powers for solving my problem of years of pain. Thank you Dr.Powers and God bless!”

Teresa Crews' testimonial

Louise Briggs

“My journey from hopeless to hopeful to amazed began with my first visit to Dr. Powers office. Now I can choose where to park, where to vacation according to how much walking we can fit in rather than how little walking can we get away with. Thank you ALL for such great care and a wonderful result!”

Spencer Sillings

“Dr. Powers’ office has been one of the best doctors offices I’ve visited. They are always very kind and seem genuinely concerned about my well-being. It has been a privilege coming to this nice of an office.”

Spencer Sillings' testimonial

Angie Helms

“I have been having pain in my left ankle for two years. I came to see Dr. Powers and his staff 2 months ago. He took x-rays, recommended good support shoes from Smiths & Orthotics. I have had no pain since. It has been wonderful being treated by this office and have already recommended them to many of my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Powers and staff for relieving pain I had daily for two years. I am amazed at the quickness of my pain going away. It has made a great difference in my every day.”

Donald Blackburn III

“For the past 5-6 years my feet were going numb. I came in to see Dr. Powers for an ingrown toenail that had been bothering me since my teen years. I finally decided to get it fixed. Dr. Powers told me the shot would hurt…I asked him when he was giving me the shot because I hadn’t felt anything and he told me he already had! Then Dr. Powers asked me more questions about my feet and he told me he could help me after seeing a neurologist, it was confirmed that I had tarsal tunnel in both feet. Surgery was scheduled on my right foot and now less than 2 weeks later I have feeling starting to come back in my foot and am very happy! I have surgery scheduled to fix my left one soon. I am a very happy and grateful patient. Thank you Dr. Powers and your awesome staff!”

Penny Mehringer

“I would like to thank all you ladies for your kindness an caring.”

Brenda Hyper

“I had pain in my right heel and Dr. Powers had new orthotics for my shoes and it decreased the pain without surgery. Also something I did not know I had a pinched nerve on top of my left foot. He said it is like carpal tunnel. He gave me a shot and also that took care of my pain, without surgery. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”

Sharon Gorub

“I came in to Dr.Powers with pain in my left heel and arch. With orthotics and a cortisone shot, I am now pain-free. Dr.Powers tried just the orthotics first, going for the least painful,least invasive treatment possible. It helped, but not much. Dr.Powers then gave me the cortisone shot. Within days, the pain had completely reduced to nothing! Along the way, he had assured me he wouldn’t give up until I was pain free. I’m so happy to be able to resume my long walks! I’m able to clean the house without limping around by the end of the day! It’s so nice to have my life back. Thanks, Dr.Powers!”

“What a great experience! I had foot pain for 3 years and visited 3 doctors, which were all unsuccessful. After reading Dr.Powers story in the “In Stride” magazine, I felt that I wanted to get his opinion on my foot. WOW! I saw him on Wednesday, had surgery the following Monday and now 3 weeks later I am being released and feel wonderful =) . Thank you Dr. Powers and your friendly, warm staff for taking care of me. I feel great!”

Sharon Gorub's testimonial

Stephanie Harris

“I just wanted to say that Dr. Powers office is a warm and inviting atmosphere.  I felt one day one that it was comforting. Even though I had some anxieties, I asked the holy spirit to calm me and just be there with me through my process of healing. I knew that Dr. Powers was going to take care of me. I felt he is a patient man, he doesn’t rush you through your progress. He does tell you like it is. Just my overall experience here was calming and it felt right. Thanks to Dr. Powers for taking care of me as I know you do for all of your patients.”

Dennis Grogan

“The care at Dr.Powers was great. Just 2 visits at Dr.Powers and the heel pain was gone.”

Dennis Grogan's testimonialBrian H.

“The orthotics that I wear are wonderful. I have no pain at all in my feet,legs, or lower back. They have helped me a lot. Dr.powers and his staff are very friendly and helpful. They will answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend the orthotics and Dr.powers and his staff.”

Robert M.

“My first meeting with Dr. Powers was great. He made me feel very comfortable; explained my foot surgery and what he was going to do. His staff was great and answered all my questions. The whole experience was just excellent. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Robert's testimonial

D. Jones

“I first came to Dr. Powers with a severe bunion and foot pain. He at first gave orthotics to try to help the discomfort and recommended surgery. Form the very first visit he and his staff treated me with great kindness and made me feel like family. So upon his recommendation I had the surgery. Dr. Powers did a great job and even though the recovery period was long, I would have it done again by Dr. Powers. He is very attentive and took the time to call me at home on the weekends to check in with me. I have recommended Dr. Powers to all my family and co-workers for I truly believe for foot care you will not find a better doctor.”

Randall Hancock

“Dr. Powers alleviated the pain in my right heel. He also took care of my ingrown toenail. It feels wonderful to be able to walk without pain or limping. Thank you to Dr. Powers and his wonderful staff, they are friendly and professional.”

Randall Hancock's testimonial

Tara Little

“My husband and I noticed our son’s ankles rolling in about 2 years ago. We had him fitted for inserts and it seemed to work at the time. About 6 months ago, we noticed that Carson started limping and complaining of ankle pain while playing sports. We were recommended by a family member to make an appointment with Dr. Powers. Much to our surprise, he recommended a procedure called HyProCure. Dr. Powers told us to go home, read the literature he gave us, and do some research. On October 27, 2014, Carson had the procedure done on his right foot. We followed the doctor’s orders and he has done amazing! It was not until the bandage was taken off and he could stand on both feet that we could see just how mind blowing the results were! With one foot down and the other to be done on December 22, we are more than ready to see what a difference this is going to make for our son’s everyday life and his love of sports!”

Tara Little's before and after photos with HyProCure

Penny Mehringer

“I would just like to thank your for taking such great care of me. It is so great to have my life back pain free; I feel truly blessed.”

Jennifer Todd

“Thank you so much for the help with my ankle pain. It has been just a few weeks and the orthotics, plus the other corrections have helped tremendously. My quality of life has greatly improved! I really appreciate all you have done!”

Janice Funk

“After encountering problems from a previous surgery (by a different doctor), I sought care here with Dr. Powers. He found the problem, fixed it and I was back to work, pain free, in a week. Everyone on his staff was great! I couldn’t be more pleased. After being in pain for months, I only wish I would have come here sooner! I would recommend Dr. Powers and his staff to everyone!”

Aaron Smith

“On November 30, 2012, I injured my ankle while at work in an underground coal mine. I encountered pain as I tried to walk and lost movement in my ankle and toes. After being sent to Dr. Powers, he was able to do surgery to get me back on my feet and walking normal. This was vital, since I was engaged and set to be married in just a few short months. After the surgery in February 2013, I was able to walk hand in hand with my wife at our ocean front wedding in Ponce, Inlet Florida on March 26, 2013. This would not have been possible without the excellent work of Dr. Powers. My wife, Ashley, and I greatly appreciate Dr. Powers and his staff as they treated us like family at every visit.”

Debora Flynn

“I am able to walk and work pain free after Dr. Powers operated on my foot. Thanks.”

Clydia Emmons

“I was in so much pain with my feet hurting. I am on my feet 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. I had tried a lot of stuff, but nothing helped. I came in to see Dr.Powers, I was referred by a friend, and I am so glad I did. I got orthotics for my shoes and learned what shoes would work for me. Now, after four weeks of treatment, I can say I’m pain-free. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. I’m so glad I can work and be on my feet, thanks to Dr.Powers. I will tell my friends who have foot pain to come see Dr.Powers. Thank you so much.”

Clydia Emmons' testimony

Heather Turner

“Dr. Powers and staff were great! I came in with severe pain in my left toe joint due to bone spurs. Dr. Powers suggested orthotics. I was fitted for them and now 1 month later am doing great! I run daily and operate a horse farm. This has made a huge difference in my life! Thank you!”

Nick Horishny

“Dr. Powers did a fantastic job identifying the cause of my foot pan and quickly has a fix that worked. Referrals to all!”

 Travis P. Terrell

“After two years of foot pain, I can finally walk PAIN FREE! Dr. Powers and staff are the BEST! The care I received was out of this world! Through the whole process I was informed and made to feel comfortable with the procedure! I would recommend Dr. Powers above all other doctors! THANK YOU!”




Jerry L. Rogers

 I am very satisfied I came to Dr. Powers. I am now pain free. At work, I do a lot of walking, and I got to the point before surgery where I couldn’t’ walk. I can now walk at work.

 Tonya Long

“Thank you so much for fixing my foot pain. The new orthotics have worked so much. I no longer have constant pain in my feet.”

Gerald Boler

“When I came to Dr. Powers, my feet and knees hurt. Dr. Powers took great care of me and my orthotics were great. The friendliness and attitude of the staff is great.”

Gerald Boler's testimonial

 Robert A. Kern

“Dr. Powers is amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to him. In fact, my mother is planning on seeing him about ankle and foot issues she has had her whole life. I have absolutely no doubt he will be able to solver her problems so that she can finally be pain free, just as I am.” Read more about Robert’s experience.

Beulah Shonk

“I have had tingling, burning, numbness in both feet for seven years. I came to Doc Powers and had surgery for tarsal tunnel and I can’t believe the difference, no pain. I had surgery with another doctor and it did not work. I would recommend Dr. Powers to anyone. He did a great job. Also, his staff are the best.”

Anna L.

“He takes the time to see you and listens to how you feel. The help of Dr. Powers is so wonderful. I am able to work more now since I had the surgery and able to wear any shoes. I would tell anyone to come and see Dr. Powers and his great staff. There is no pain in my foot. “

Valerie Ennis

The care that I receive from Dr.Powers and his staff was awesome! They were very professional, caring, and friendly! It was such a burden to walk before my foot surgery and such a great relief afterwards. It was a great decision to have surgery after years of off and on pain.

Valerie Ennis' testimony

Stephen Ison

“After a failed surgery from another doctor, I was told of Dr. Powers by a friend. Dr. Powers has taken care of the original problem and is working towards a solution  to reversing the problem the other doctor created through his surgery. Dr. Powers is very professional and I believe he sincerely cares about my well-being.”

Cindi Olyphant

“Dr. Powers operated on both my feet, one over ten years ago and the other one recently. They are both fine. The most recent operation healed remarkably quick. I attribute that to Dr. Powers being older and wiser. Just kidding! After a few weeks I was able to ride my bike. At 4 ½ weeks I removed my black boot completely and was walking everywhere I should be hiking soon.”

Jonathan Bigham

“Before I came to see Dr. Powers I was in pain as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. After having my orthotics for a month, I am virtually pain free. What a difference coming here has made!! The staff here is wonderful, thanks so much for helping me!”

Jonathan Bigham's testimony

Kathy Shields

“I was sent to Dr. Powers by my family physician due to the pain in my foot. I am so thankful I was because I received the highest level of care I could ever ask for. Dr. Powers was very attentive to my needs and did a great job during surgery on my foot. Dr. Powers and all of his staff are very caring and wonderful people. I highly recommend him!”

Jimmy Lee Aslinger

“I had a painful skin tag on the bottom of my foot. Dr. Powers removed the tag. Dr. Powers and his staff have been very nice to me. This office has been the first to treat me with this much respect. I’m going to tell everyone how grateful I am for Dr. Powers. I am now pain free.”

Sue Wiethoff

“I am a 58-year-old active woman who had a plantar fascia injury that left me needing crutches. Dr. Powers ordered orthotic inserts. Within a few months I felt little to no pain. I am looking forward to my usual exercising, including running, within another month. I feel that I am a lucky lady to have healed so quickly! Thanks, Dr. Powers!”

Carla Sue Freeman

“Can’t believe the difference I feel since my surgery. I have very little pain after four weeks. Dr. Powers and his staff have treated me very good and are so sweet. I will tell everyone to go to him and they will feel so much better afterwards. I give him and his staff a 5 star and a big hand clap. Thank you very much!!”

Tina Dixon

“Praise the lord and Dr.Powers& his staff. I am pain free now! I was treated above and beyond. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. for this, another success story!”

Tina Dixon's testimony

Troy Sylvester

“I am very satisfied with the care and treatment I received. I dealt with foot pain for over a year, came to Dr. Powers and he took care of it. I’m now back to playing sports, swimming and walking my dog with no pain at all. The staff and Dr. Powers were great and I will always recommend them to anyone I hear with feet problems. Thank you for giving me a normal life back. THANK YOU!”

Sherry Marguer

“Dr. Powers did an excellent job on my foot! I had no real pain after my surgery, and have healed rather quickly. Now, my quality of life has returned as I no longer have to deal with the horrible pain of a bunion. I wish I had done this a lot sooner! Two thumbs up! :)”

Angela Crawford

“Dr. Powers and his staff were ALWAYS very attentive and gave the utmost care while I was under his care. A certain situation came up with my foot while I was working one day and Dr. Powers was in surgery. We both work at the same hospital, and in a short time he came to MY office, cared for the wound while I was doing my job. I was very impressed by this. There are actually great, caring doctors and Dr. Powers is definitely one of them. Thank you to him and his staff.”

Matthew Corey

“In my profession it’s easy to acquire injuries that are foot related. Dr. Powers and his team have always been a great asset to help me back onto my feet! Always a pleasant experience when I have had to visit them.”

Debora Flynn

“I was having severe heel pain and Dr. Powers fixed my foot and how I am pain free. I am very happy without the pain.”

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