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8 Ways to Keep Exercising with Neuropathy

Keep exercising with neuropathy, because even though you may feel like the pain is too bad—or you’ve just stuffed yourself with, what feels like, the entire Thanksgiving turkey—the motion will improve circulation, stimulate your nerves, and may help reduce pain and complications from this nerve damage in your feet.

Those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy may have a hard time with balance and weight bearing on their feet. If that’s the case, stay away from walking and jogging and try working out on an exercise bike or in the pool. Make sure you use a full range of motion to increase circulation and feeling. You can also try yoga if you’re looking for an exercise that gives you full control of your movement. Plus, with the abundance DVDs and at-home exercises, yoga is an easy and fast way to get moving!

Getting about 30 minutes of activity 5 times a week is our recommendation for regular exercise. Remember that all that time doesn’t have to come when you hit the mat, pool, or gym. Simple activities like taking the trash out, walking the dog, and using the stairs also count. Is the nightlife more your style? Get your blood pumping with fun activities like bowling and dancing!

We recommend that you check with a professional first if you want to start exercising with neuropathy. At our office, we can advise you on the best workouts to try without making your condition worse or increasing your risk of heart and circulation problems. Please call Kevin J. Powers, DPM, at (812) 333-4422 to make an appointment. Our office in Bloomington, IN, is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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