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Are Orthotics Worth the Cost?

Custom orthotics work with your unique feet

Between 2007 and 2009, our nation was mired in The Great Recession. During this time, people began to regain a sense of “value” when it comes to the things we buy and use. Thinking about value is an appropriate starting point when patients ask “Are orthotics worth the cost?”

To clear up a common economic misconception, the word “value” does not necessarily mean “cheap.” Cost is certainly a part of the picture, but you also need to look at what is received in exchange for the cost.

As an example, a pair of $200 jeans that lasts 10 years is actually a better value than having to buy a new pair of $25 jeans every year over the same time period (because the total cost is $250 in this case). Now, if those same $200 jeans only last 7 years, you are better buying the cheaper ones every year.

Beyond durability, though, you should also consider “function,” and this is important when discussing custom orthotics.

A common question we receive about orthotics is if you can just use one of the shoe inserts they sell at stores and pharmacies. Well, there are instances where you might benefit from the additional cushioning and arch support they provide, but keep in mind that mass-produced shoe inserts are not intended to correct medical problems.

When we prescribe custom orthotics, you receive valuable medical devices fully intended to address a problem you are experiencing. Further, these are customized to work with your unique foot structure and gait pattern.

Orthotic devices are also an investment in your health. The upfront cost might seem like a lot, but it is not nearly close to how much you would have to pay to address a bigger issue later. Aside from monetary concerns, custom orthotics can relieve pain and discomfort, and allow you to get back to your favorite activities, all of which are quality of life matter worth thinking about.

Hopefully you can see that if you are asking “Are orthotics worth the cost?”, the answer is a resounding “Absolutely!”

Whether we prescribe orthotic devices for you or not will depend on the condition affecting your foot or ankle. Come in and see us here at our Bloomington, IN podiatrist office so you can receive the care you need. Give us a call at (812) 333-4422 and our friendly staff will be glad to answer any questions or set you up with an appointment.

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