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Award-Worthy High Heels May Mean Bunion Pain

Many talented actresses and actors are nominated for the 2015 Academy Awards—simply being selected is an achievement in itself. Even winners can be losers too, though, if someone develops bunion pain from wearing high heels to the ceremony.

High heels negatively affect feet

High heels don’t cause bunions, a subluxation of the big toe joint that creates a bony prominence on the inside of your foot, but they can aggravate the deformity. When you put your foot in a high heel, all your body weight is shifted onto the ball of your foot, where the bunion is. The pressure and stress on the bones create aching bunion pain that gets worse over time. Some people who have a bunion also have a displaced bone that changes the way their foot moves, which can further aggravate the area.

Pointy toes can also cram the digits together, further squeezing your bunion and creating discomfort. This may cause your big toe to drift towards your little toes, a common visible characteristic of a bunion.

Your first plan of attack could be switching to lower heels (less than 2 inches high). However, if the bunion is already there it’s only going to get worse and cause you more pain in the future. Surgery to straighten the toe is the best solution.

At Kevin J. Powers, DPM, we offer multiple types of procedures to help you banish bunion pain. Dr. Kevin Powers has performed hundreds of successful procedures in his 25 years as a podiatrist. Please make an appointment at (812) 333-4422 to discuss your options with professionals.

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