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Beat Your Pain and Try Physical Therapy for Foot Drop

DJ, drop the beat! On Tuesday, we’re celebrating these entertainers who can turn any event—a wedding, bat mitzvah, or birthday—into a dance party. However, while a beat drop is fun, a foot drop is definitely nothing of the sort. Let’s talk more about when we recommend physical therapy for foot drop.

Foot drop is usually caused by an underlying problem. This condition can damage the peroneal nerve and cause paralysis on the front of the leg, including the toes. It can also create pain and burning on the top of the foot. The nerve below the knee can be damaged by an ankle sprain, fracture, or surgery and injury to the knee.

Once Dr. Powers diagnoses the cause behind your problem, he’ll give you a treatment plan. Your treatment really depends on the underlying problem. This may require physical therapy, but could also include braces, orthotics, and surgery. If surgery is an option, Dr. Powers is highly qualified. In fact, he’s one of the only doctors specially trained and certified in drop foot surgery.

Physical therapy is going to strengthen muscles in the foot and leg and improve flexibility. At Kevin J. Powers, DPM, we can recommend the best physical therapy for your foot drop. This may include electrical stimulation of the nerves when you walk. If physical therapy doesn’t help, know that you’re in good hands when it comes to surgical procedures.

Look no further than Kevin J. Powers, DPM, to get the best physical therapy for foot drop. To make an appointment in our Bloomington, IN, office, call (812) 333-4422. If you can’t make it to Bloomington, Dr. Powers also holds permanent office hours on Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM in Washington, IN, at the Daviess Community Hospital.

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