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Calm Your Nerve Pain at Washington Clinic

When you have neuropathy, your feet and legs are often the sufferers. That tingling, burning sensation can drive you wild, and the sharp, stabbing pains can almost bring you to your knees. If this describes you, isn’t it time you get the help you need? Our office is proud to collaborate with Daviess Community Hospital (DCH) and now offers podiatric services Fridays from 9 AM to 3 PM at their Specialty Clinic in Washington, Indiana.

There are lots of reasons you could have pain like this in your lower limbs, but the most common is peripheral neuropathy. With the diabetic epidemic occurring in the US today, more and more people are encountering the complications of nerve damage from this disease. Diabetes causes your nerves to swell, and swollen nerves get pinched in areas where they pass between tendons and bones (called compression neuropathy).

The best person to treat nerve pain in your feet and legs is someone who understands leg and foot structures and how they work—and we have that knowledge and experience. If you have had a nerve test that is inconclusive, or are taking “nerve pills” that dull the pain (and your thinking), come to our office for expert diagnosis and treatment.

As a member of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons, we offer outpatient procedures that release pressure from the compressed nerve. Usually you can leave walking on your foot and leg as you normally do—minus the pain. Of course, if something other than a pinched nerve is causing your condition, such as vitamin deficiency, an accident, excessive alcohol, or exposure to toxins, we can help you identify those causes and find the right treatment for them, too.

If you live in the Daviess County area and are suffering from nerve pain, call 812-254-2911 to set up an appointment during our new Friday hours at the Medical Clinic in Washington, or at 812-333-4422 for our office in Bloomington, IN. You can also schedule through our website. We look forward to helping you live a life without foot pain!

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