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Blog Archives - Kevin J. Powers, DPM

Poor Circulation and Massages

Poor circulation is what podiatrists call a condition where blood does not easily circulate...
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Orthotics May Help Abnormal Foot Structure

Orthotics are devices placed inside shoes that can correct abnormal foot structures. The feet carry an individual’s...
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Tips for Working on Your Feet

Sitting at a desk all day long, with little time for movement, or spending prolonged time
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Arthritis Can Cause Pain in the Feet and Ankles

If you are suffering from tenderness, pain, or stiffness in the joints of your feet or ankles, call...
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Stretches After an Ankle Injury

People who have endured an ankle injury often realize the importance of performing specific stretches...
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Drinking Water and Stretching Can Prevent Running Injuries

The majority of runners dread incurring an injury that may force them to stop running or jogging. It is often necessary...
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The Many Types of Heel Pain

The heels of the feet endure a great deal of stress and, therefore, are often open to pain and injury. The...
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Who Is Prone to Developing a Plantar Fibroma?

Research has indicated there may not be an exact cause for the foot condition that is known as plantar...
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When an Ingrown Toenail Is Infected

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