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Home Remedies for Aching Feet

Perhaps you’ve resolved to start running Bloomington’s trails in preparation for a 5K, or maybe you had it in yourself to show the kids just how you footed the soccer ball around the field in college. Either way, you might have hit the activity a bit too hard,...
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The Top Foot Injuries from Sports

Everyone loves amazing sports highlights such as “The Most Amazing Hole-in-One Shots” or “The Coolest Things NBA Stars Have Dunked Over.” We like seeing the thrill of victory, but not so much the agony of defeat. Unfortunately, sports injuries can leave plenty of feet in agony, and knowing what...
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Preventing Achilles Problems in Sports

If you love tennis (and don’t love scoring “Love”), you might be preparing for the annual Adult Tennis Tournament held at Winslow Sports Complex in September. And even if you’ve never picked up a racket, the courts at Winslow are often open to the public as a great place...
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Walking with Diabetes

Walking is one of the best baseline exercises out there for someone who lives with diabetes, and Bloomington has several nice places to step out. One of these locales, the B-Line Trail, runs 3.1 miles (or about 5K) through downtown Bloomington, connecting to two other trails in the process....
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Why Wounds Matter

A cut, nick, or scrape never used to seem like such a big deal as a kid. You just got a Band-Aid slapped over it, perhaps a kiss to make it all better, and went tearing back out to play on the Winslow Woods Playground. If you...
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How to Take Charge of Checking Your Feet

checking a diabetic footStarting last month and going all through July, brave souls have been finding their sense of balance on Lake Lemon through stand-up paddle board class. It takes commitment to learn how to find...
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The Effects of Diabetes on the Feet

Diabetic foot careHave you hit the Bryan Park or Mills pools yet this season? Both are open for business and can be a great spot for fun and cooling off.  Swimming is also a great activity if...
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Exercise and Aching Joints

arthritisExercise and arthritis seem like two things that should not go together, like peanut butter and salsa or pinkie toes and end tables. If you have aching joints that aren’t what they used to be, why would you even want...
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Potential Remedies to Alleviate Joint Pain

Arthritis pain. If you have a taste for classic plays, Shakespeare in the Park is always a wonderful destination. The Monroe County Civic Theater will perform Cymbeline at Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park June 11-14. Natural...
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The Many Kinds of Joint Breakdown

foot massageWant to craft a slab of Indiana limestone into a work of art? You can get a chance during the Indiana Limestone Symposium in Ellettsville, running June 7-27, 2015. Sign up for all three weeks or...
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