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Blog Archives - Kevin J. Powers, DPM

Enhancing Toe Point Through Foot Stretching

When it comes to dance, gymnastics, or even just maintaining healthy feet, having a well-pointed toe can make a significant difference....
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Definition and Causes of Bunions

Bunions, a painful bump at the base of the big toe, are a common and often misunderstood...
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Proactive Foot Care Tips for Seniors

As we age, our feet, often overlooked, require special attention and care. Practicing elderly foot care becomes...
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Reminder: When Was the Last Time…?

Custom orthotics, or shoe inserts, should be periodically replaced. Orthotics must fit properly to give you the best results....
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Plantar Fasciitis May Be Helped With Shockwave Therapy

A small percentage of people who have plantar fasciitis experience little or no positive response to ordinary treatment. An...
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Fascinating Facts About Children’s Feet

As children gleefully skip and run, their feet become the unsung heroes of their adventures. A Read more

Causes and Symptoms of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are common, yet often misunderstood, foot conditions that can cause significant discomfort and hinder daily...
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Certain Medical Conditions May Cause Cracked Heels

The foot condition that is known as cracked heels affects approximately 20 percent of adults...
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Why Live with Pain and Numbness in Your Feet?

Suffering from this type of pain? You may have the foot condition known as Morton's neuroma. Morton's neuroma...
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Stress Fractures in the Feet

Dancers and basketball players, as well as runners, may be familiar with stress fractures in the feet....
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