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Circulation Boosters to Nix Neuropathy Symptoms

circulatory systemNeuropathy symptoms like burning, tingling, and lack of sensation stem from nerve damage to your feet. Your blood is what delivers the nutrients nerves need to be healthy, so it makes sense that when you improve blood flow, you improve nerve health and in turn minimize those nagging neuropathy symptoms that have been stopping you from doing the things you love. In other words, if you get that blood flowing, you can get back to your normal life! So, here are some great ways to boost circulation:

Exercise – this is not only beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight which keeps pressure off your feet, but it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, too.

Massage – who doesn’t love a good foot massage? It’s relaxing and stimulates blood flow, so sit back and enjoy!

Heat Therapy – taking a warm bath or relaxing with a warm heating pad can boost circulation, not to mention reduce stress.

Managing stress – speaking of reducing stress, that helps too! Try meditating, doing yoga, breathing deeply, repeating a mantra or slowly counting to ten, and avoiding triggers that tend to stress you out.

Getting plenty of sleep – your body heals and makes repairs while you sleep, so give it the time it needs to get the work done!

Eating right – a diet rich in Vitamins C, E, and B3 will encourage an increase in blood flow, so be sure to get your fill of leafy greens, as well as food choices with built-in antioxidants like dark chocolate. Lean proteins are good options, too, as are items containing cayenne or garlic, and those with healthy fats, like avocados, nuts, and fish. Also, stay away from highly salted stuff!

Drinking right – limit caffeine and alcohol and instead drink plenty of water and green tea, which dilates blood vessels, thus helps get that blood moving.

Not smoking – smoking builds up plaque in your arteries which slows circulation – the opposite of what you want!

Follow these tips to improve blood flow and decrease neuropathy symptoms, and you’ll be back to your favorite activities before you know it! If you have any questions or need us for any reason, don’t hesitate to call our Bloomington, IN office at (812) 333-4422.

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