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Dealing with Stubborn Dry Heels

cracked heelsThis coming May 3—and on the first Sunday of every month—the Soapy Soap Company hosts hands-on workshops that not only include a short tour of their operations, but the chance to create your own little soap sculpture to take home! If you suffer from dry skin, the experts at Soapy Soap are likely to point you toward one of their moisturizing brands. If you suffer specifically from dry heels, we also have some advice for you.

Our feet naturally have a harder time staying moisturized than other parts of our bodies, as they lack oil glands. Instead, they rely on a higher number of sweat glands, but this isn’t always enough. A variety of factors can cause dry heels and feet, including dry winter weather, taking overly hot showers or baths, and even using harsh soaps. Certain disease or conditions, such as eczema and diabetes, can also cause the feet to dry out. Sandals and open back shoes can also cause the skin on heels to become dry and crack.

Keeping your heels clear of dryness is a matter of adding and retaining moisture. First, keep hydrated from within by drinking a healthy amount of water. This will help keep the sweat glands in your feet productive.

Next on your list should be moisturizing externally. The best times to moisturize are after bathing and right before bed. You can use a standard moisturizer, but vegetable oil and Vaseline can also be effective. Seal in the moisture by wearing thick socks after application and wearing them to bed. You’ll likely want to make it an old pair of socks, too, as you won’t want to wear these around town the next day!

If dry heels continue to pester you after trying to treat them yourself, or if they are creating nasty, painful cracks, contact the office of Kevin Powers, DPM. We can help you find more advanced solutions to your dryness and prevent potentially worse problems such as infections. Call our Bloomington office at (812) 333-4422 to make an appointment.

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