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Do Foot Changes from Pregnancy Last?

Mom's FeetWe don’t have to tell you that becoming a parent has a lasting effect. The most obvious one is the wonderful little human (or even humans) now residing in your house. Don’t worry; the sleepless nights go away. Eventually. One thing that might not go away, however, is foot changes from pregnancy.

All the extra weight, shifts in gravity, and hormonal changes that come from carrying a child can have certain effects on the feet. The ligaments of the feet can loosen from the hormone relaxin. This can lead to them spreading out some due largely to the extra weight being carried, causing the foot to spread out and increase in size. The arch can also lower slightly.

It’s easy to think that once baby arrives, things will normalize and the foot will return to its normal shape. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. Many new mothers are surprised to find their feet remain longer and wider even after their child is born.  A 2013 study found 60-70 percent of the women they examined saw significant foot changes from pregnancy 5 months after birth, their feet growing up to a full shoe size.

The good news is that while the changes rarely seem to revert in these cases, they don’t tend to cause any pain in themselves. Having a second or third child doesn’t seem to cause much additional flattening, either. Your favorite shoes might have to hit the donation pile, but try and see it as an opportunity to update!

If your feet are causing you pain during your pregnancy, it is possible that flat feet or another condition are to blame. The office of Dr. Kevin Powers can help you find the best remedies and preventative measures to maintain foot and ankle comfort throughout your term. Call our Bloomington office at (812) 333-4422 to start receiving the help you deserve.

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