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Finding Relief with Nerve Surgery

Small things can make a world of difference. You and your children can find out for yourself at the free “NanoDays: Small Science, Big Fun” event at the WonderLab Museum on April 4, 2015. See the very, very tiny things that make up the world around us, and why they’re important! If you are seeking nerve relief, you already know the impact something small can have. Thankfully, we have the technology to get into small places and conduct nerve surgery.Nerves affect the feeling in feet

The goal of nerve surgery is usually to repair the insulating tissue that protects it. If this covering can be saved, new nerve fibers can often grow and the nerve can be restored. Once repaired, nerves will usually begin to heal within three or four weeks and grow about one inch per month. You may still have discomfort, or tingling during healing, but this will gradually subside if recovery has been successful.

In some cases, there may be a space between the ends of a nerve. It may be necessary to remove a piece of nerve from another part of the body to serve as a graft. A permanent loss of feeling may be experienced from the area that the graft was taken, so the pros and cons of such a procedure will need to be weighed carefully.

Physical therapy may be prescribed during the healing process to keep joints flexible and help improve feeling in the area. Treatments and success rates will depend on one’s age and the type of injury or condition that led to the nerve damage.

If you’re searching places big and small for nerve relief in your feet or ankles, give Dr. Kevin Powers and his staff a call. We can examine your condition and help you determine whether surgery or other treatments would work best for you. Call our Bloomington, IN office at (812) 333-4422 to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward comfort!

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