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Flatfoot Surgery is Nothing to Fear!

When you see us for a foot or ankle problem, it is always our goal to resolve it for you with nonsurgical care. In some cases, we recommend surgery, but only when other options haven’t provided the results you hope to see. If we are recommending flatfoot surgery, you can rest assured knowing we have explored every other possible treatment first. You can also find comfort in the fact we are skilled and experienced in foot surgery.Gentle care is a priority!

In part, flatfoot surgery isn’t something to fear because it’s rarely needed. Treatment for flatfoot is actually only necessary when pain or difficulty arises due to the fallen arches. There are numerous instances wherein an individual has flat feet, but does not experience any issues. Obviously, there’s no need for treatment in these cases.

Patients with flatfoot issues can have pain and difficulty performing even routine, daily activities. We attempt to resolve these symptoms first with nonsurgical treatment options, to see if they improve the situation. These include treatments like medication, shoe inserts, custom orthotics, braces, rest, and physical therapy. The good news is that a combination of these treatment options is usually successful in providing relief.

For those rare cases when surgery is recommended, we start by completely evaluating your feet. This is used, in part, to determine if the fallen arches are stiff or flexible. We then use diagnostic imaging (typically X-rays) to create our surgical plan. The work we perform on the front end enables us to conduct a successful procedure for you.

Depending on variables that are specific to you, we may elect to either use regional or general anesthesia. No matter which we use, the intent is to ensure a painless procedure. Your comfort and safety are always a primary concern for us!

The specific surgical procedures used will depend, again, on variables specific to you and your condition. Whereas the actual procedures can vary, all flatfoot surgeries we perform have the ultimate goals of improving your walking ability and taking away your pain.

Flatfoot surgery does not entail a lengthy hospital stay. At most, you might need to stay overnight, although many patients go home the day of the procedure.

If you suffer from flatfoot pain, come see us at our Bloomington, IN office and we will create a treatment plan to provide the relief you need. Call us for more information at (812) 333-4422 or take advantage of our online form to connect with us today.

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