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Home Remedies for Aching Feet

Perhaps you’ve resolved to start running Bloomington’s trails in preparation for a 5K, or maybe you had it in yourself to show the kids just how you footed the soccer ball around the field in college. Either way, you might have hit the activity a bit too hard, and now your dogs are aching in response. Sore feet are a common malady with a variety of causes, but one thing all cases have in common is a desire to find some relief, now! When you feel the hurt, try turning to these home remedies.

Rest Up – You probably won’t like this if you have a strict schedule and personal records to beat, but the best way to recover your sore feet is to keep pressure off them for a while. When you engage in strenuous activity, make sure you have some time to rest and elevate your feet afterward, especially if you know you’ll have to spend the rest of the day on your feet.

Cool Down – While your feet are up, you might enjoy applying some cold to the aggravated area. Place an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables on your foot, wrapping it in a thin towel if it’s too cold to be comfortable. Keep the ice on for up to 15 minutes, being careful not to damage your skin from exposure.

Soak it In – A nice foot bath can relax both your sore feet and your mind. Any temperature you prefer is just fine, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to your skin. You might want to experiment, and even try some soothing salts or oils if you think you would enjoy them. You can soak your feet anytime they feel sore, and doing so for at least 10 minutes is recommended.

Everyone can get sore feet from time to time, but something is likely wrong if yours ache on a regular basis. If foot pain plagues your active time, consult Dr. Kevin Powers in Bloomington. He and his friendly staff will provide a full examination of your feet and ankles to provide the best advice and treatments for what pains you. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (812) 333-4422.

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