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How Bunion Exercises May Help Banish Your Pain

Bunion ExercisesWhat do you do on a rainy day in the summer with the family at home? Go find a great music concert! Check out Summer Jam at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington, IN. Rock out and dance the night away at this family-friendly show with loads of great music and talent. If you have painful bunions on the other hand, you may not want to step foot on a dance floor period. We don’t want our patients being hindered by foot pain, so here are some easy bunion exercises that you can do right at home.

Start by sitting in a comfy chair with your feet flat on the floor. Place twenty marbles on the floor and use your toes to pick them up one by one and drop them into a bowl next to your feet. Place a golf ball under your foot and roll it around underneath for a couple of minutes to help with cramping and foot strain. Massaging your foot with a frozen water bottle is also effective. Next, point and then curl your toes under ten times in a row for a good toe stretch. Bring one foot up over to rest on the other knee and gently stretch your big toe back into proper alignment. Hold it there for ten seconds and then repeat this four times on each foot. Now, wrap a towel or resistance band around your big toe and press down with your toe while you pull back. Last, press your toes flat against a wall to flex and stretch them. Hold the position for ten seconds and repeat several times before switching feet.

Bunions are often progressive and will get worse if you don’t care for your feet. Do these bunion exercises at home, wear good, supportive shoes, and see us if your pain persists. Contact Kevin J. Powers, DPM for conservative treatment options that will keep your feet healthy and pain-free on the dance floor, and all day long. Call our Bloomington, IN, office at (812) 333-4422 or use our contact page online to reach us.

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