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How Orthotics Can Take the Pressure Off

If you’re overloaded with work, stressed-out, and feel like you have a lot of pressure on you, a little help can go a long way! That’s not only true with people, but also with diabetic wounds. A big part of avoiding complications from a wound and allowing it to heal properly is taking pressure off it, and one great way to do that is by getting a little help from orthotics.


Your feet endure as much as 120% of your body weight with every step – that’s a lot of stress! If you have a wound, imagine the amount of pressure you place upon it every time you stand much less move. Custom orthotics are designed to fit exactly what your unique feet need, and when it comes to diabetic wounds, you need redistribution of weight so that pressure is redirected away from the problem area. Orthotics can do that!

In addition, these devices can provide added cushion and support to protect your feet from further harm. In fact, slip them inside a pair of diabetic shoes, and orthotics will not only help your wound heal, but they’ll help you feel less stressed about the situation, too, knowing your feet are safe.

Of course, it’s important to be diligent about your daily foot checks so you can catch wounds as soon as possible. A wound gone too long without care may need weight completely offloaded (not to mention serious intervention), but an injury caught early enough can often be addressed by simply good hygiene, antibiotic medication, a sterile bandage, and – you guessed it — orthotics!

So, if you have diabetes, call us to find out if orthotics could benefit you – not only in helping wounds heal, but also preventing them from developing in the first place! Contact our Bloomington, IN office today by dialing (812) 333-4422 to take the pressure off! Hey, you have enough to worry about when you have diabetes. With orthotics, there’s one less concern!

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