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How Poor Circulation Affects Your Feet

Mary Poppins should be a pleasant performance to take the family to this season. It’s performing at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater from Dec. 18-23! Everyone’s favorite nanny knows how to make life better, and her friend Bert knew the importance of keeping a chimney passage clean from buildup. A narrow chimney can create hazards to a home, and such is the same with poor circulation and our feet.

The circulatory system is the body’s way of distributing oxygen and nourishment for all its parts to function properly. When peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or another condition cause the blood vessels to become clogged or narrowed, it’s similar to blocking off lanes on a delivery route. Things are not going to get where they need to be as quickly, and this can have consequences.

Although the effects of poor circulation can be felt in many parts of the body, and especially the legs, there are a few signs one can look for in the feet as well. You might feel coldness in an affected foot compared to one that might have a better blood flow. A loss of hair on the foot or a slower growth of toenails might also be noticeable, since not enough nourishment is being received to maintain the follicles and nails.

These problems may seem relatively minor, but they can be a warning of worse problems down the road. Cuts and sores on the foot may no longer be able to heal properly under poor circulation, which could lead to a deterioration of the foot or a serious infection.

If you see signs of poor circulation in your feet—especially sores that are slow to heal—you should consult a professional. Dr. Kevin Powers is here to serve the foot and ankle needs of patients in Bedford, Bloomington, and all surrounding areas. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy; just call (812) 333-4422.

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