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How to Know When Orthotics Wear Out

How many friends do you have on Facebook? Out of those so-called “friends,” how many of those people would you lend $50? I’m guessing not all of them—you’d be really broke, besides! Behold, National Unfriend Day! A way to get rid of the classmates, coworkers, and clingy friends of yesteryear. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel created the holiday in 2010 and now you can celebrate by unfriending your 1,000-plus “friends” on Facebook this week. And just like some friendships wear out, your orthotics wear out, too.

To test the wear of your pair, stand on your orthotics without your shoes on. Bend one of your knees and keep your heel on the ground. Now, if you were to drop an imaginary string from your kneecap, would the string fall between your first and second toes? If the answer is no, your orthotics are worn out or you need to get them readjusted. If the answer is yes, the orthotics are controlling your biomechanics correctly.

You can also test to see if your orthotics are worn out by pushing on the arch. If the cork or foam arch collapses, the orthotics aren’t supportive enough.

If you buy a pair of over-the-counter orthotics from the drug store, they’re not going to last long. That’s because they’re made of lower grade materials that break down more easily with prolonged pressure and weight. A pair of orthotics from a specialty running store will be a little more tailored to your foot and might last you around a year.

If you want a pair of orthotics for the long-term, though, we suggest a custom-made orthotic. We can make custom orthotics that will last around five years. We may also be able to give them a tune-up after a few years to prolong their life.

When your orthotics wear out, you could be at risk for injuries, foot deformities, and pain. Call Kevin J. Powers, DPM, at (812) 333-4422 to make an appointment with our office in Bloomington, IN. You can also follow our Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page!

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