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How to Manage Chronic Pain

There are many potential sources of foot pain—and every patient’s case is unique to a certain degree—so the best way to find relief when your foot hurts is to come see us at our Bloomington, IN podiatrist office. Of course, there are also measures you can perform on your own in the comfort of your home to address painful symptoms. Depending on your case, we may even recommend a combination of treatment at our office and home care.

Treating chronic painIt would take a while if we were to individually cover all the conditions that can cause foot and ankle pain—besides, you can find a list with links to pages for foot and ankle conditions on the sidebar on this page—so let’s start with a look at what we mean by “chronic foot pain.”

Pain is either going to be chronic or temporary in nature when you have a foot problem. The key distinction between these is simply, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a matter of time. If you have a foot that is only sore for about a week or two before feeling better, the pain is not chronic. Instead, we consider this to be temporary. Chronic pain typically will last for weeks, months, or even years without subsiding.

This is not a comprehensive list—as noted, there are many different foot and ankle issues that need to be treated—but some of the more common ways for you to manage chronic pain include:

  • Orthotics. When it comes to treating medical conditions, custom orthotics are valuable tools. The customization to your unique foot structure, along with the various types of orthotics available, make them quite versatile. Depending on the source of your chronic pain, we may recommend a pair to help you overcome the issues you are experiencing.
  • Medications. Naturally, our recommendation when it comes to medication will depend on a variety of factors, but we may prescribe NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to reduce pain and inflammation that might be causing your pain.
  • Lifestyle changes. Our office can (and will) provide many different treatment options for the various foot and ankle conditions causing chronic pain, but there are also measures you may be able to take on your own. These include wearing the right kinds of footwear, staying physically active, and even paying attention to your diet. With regards to physical activity, if you have not been active for some time, make sure you see us and your primary care physician before starting any exercise program.
  • Physical therapy. Exercise and physical activity can seem like daunting endeavors when you are in pain, but these can often be quite beneficial. A common source of chronic pain is arthritis (specifically, osteoarthritis), and exercise is considered to be one of the absolute best forms of treatment available.
  • Surgery. Generally speaking, we will exhaust conservative (nonsurgical) methods before reaching this point, but we may recommend a surgical procedure if you are otherwise unable to find relief. Fortunately, nonsurgical care is often quite effective. Even better, you can find peace of mind (when we do recommend surgery) in knowing that our team is exceedingly qualified with knowledge and experience.

For additional information, contact our Bloomington, IN office by calling (812) 333-4422 or take advantage of our online form to connect with us now. Our staff will be glad to answer any questions and help set you up with an appointment that works best for you.

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