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Identifying Your Source of Heel Pain

You can kick up your heels at Player’s Pub just about any night of the week, with a variety of acts spanning jazz to rock. Of course, you might not want to do much of anything with your heels if you find yourself often dealing with sharp or aching discomfort in them. Heel pain is a common malady with a range of causes. Our job is finding the root cause of your heel pain and setting you on a path to healing and recovery.

The main act when it comes to heel pain is plantar fasciitis, inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs along the underside of the foot. It is the most common cause of heel woes and likely one of the first we’ll be looking for in most cases. You might have plantar fasciitis if you tend to feel a stabbing pain in the bottom of your heel when waking up in the morning, or after standing for a long time.

If the pain feels more achy and stiff, just above the heel, and is accompanied by swelling, it may be bursitis. This is an inflammation of a small, fluid-filled sac that provides cushioning to items around your joints. Pain in this location might also indicate Achilles tendinitis, especially if it grows worse after a long bout of running or climbing the stairs.

Is the pain accompanied by a burning or tingling sensation that radiates outward? That might be a pinched nerve. It’s even more likely if the feelings are worse when you’re trying to sleep.

There are even more possibilities when it comes to your heels, so it’s important to have a professional that can tune in to the correct one. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Powers at his Bloomington, IN office by calling (812) 333-4422 and let us take the stage with expert attention and care.

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