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Keeping Feet Aglow in Winter Months

We know: there’s already plenty to be done for the holidays before winter rolls around. You could have decorating, lights, family dinner planning… maybe you might even get the kids into their PJs and hop over to the Pajamborie! At Fountain Square mall Dec. 15. In all the coming rush, though, it can pay to take a moment to consider your feet and the effects an Indiana winter can have on them. Performing some winter foot care can keep your feet looking and feeling great well into the new year.Keep feet warm and soft during winter

First, let’s consider footwear. Boots are sometimes a necessity when it comes to our icy Indiana conditions, but the combo of waterproof material and warm socks can lead to a lot of sweat. Soaked feet are more prone to fungal and bacterial infections, so consider using foot powder inside your socks and shoes and clean your feet a little more frequently if boots are a go-to.

Whatever you choose to wear outside, at least make sure it’s appropriate for your plans and any problems that might arise. You don’t want to get caught slipping on icy pavement in plain sneakers or pumps. It’s a guaranteed ticket to misery, and you can even risk a case of frostbite!

When not worrying about sweat, you might actually have to worry about your feet being too dry! Heated, dry rooms can cause a loss of moisture, and excessively hot showers and baths can also strip moisture away from your feet. Counteract this attack by moisturizing your feet after bathing. Mild, alcohol-free ones tend to be best, but go for whichever leaves your feet feeling satisfied.

And, of course, if any problems arise with your feet or ankles this winter, get them checked out! Bloomington podiatrist Dr. Kevin Powers is here to keep your feet in top condition no matter the temperature. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (812) 333-4422.

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