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Need Winter Boots? Make Sure They’re Right!

Some people shudder at the sight of the first snowfall, while others plunge headfirst into snow piles, collect snowflakes on their tongue, and are making snow angels before you can even say “Look, snow!” Love it or hate it, winter is coming. That means you need to be prepared with the right pair of winter boots!

What Boots To Wear In the Snow

If there’s a lot of snow, you’ll want to wear a higher boot, around 11 or 12 inches. You may also want an insulated liner for this type of boot. If you’re going snowshoeing or doing a lot of walking, you may want to wear a shorter hiking type of boot that’s 7 to 8 inches tall. These versions are more lightweight.

Look for an upper leather liner with a rubber sole and a waterproof, breathable liner inside. In combination, these three qualities will keep your feet warm and dry.

What Boots to Wear Around Town

You probably won’t encounter too much snow trekking around town. In these situations, simply look for warmth. Boots with faux fur, a shearling liner, or a heel may be more of what constitutes footwear for walking around the city or your college campus. This is the type of situation for UGGs, too, we should mention.

A note on sizing: You may have heard the old saying to buy a size bigger than you normally do when purchasing boots to fit your socks inside. That is not necessarily true. Many socks exist on the market today that are warm, thin, and a lot less bulky than socks of yesteryear. So, pick the size that matches your sock preference, thin or thick.

Also, don’t be discouraged if you have a hard time fitting into your boots at first. Sometimes, they do need an hour or two break-in period to loosen and warm up to the temperature of your home—especially if you’ve received the pair in the mail. Consider replacing the shoes if the liner or foot bed cramps your toes.

If your feet are narrow, wide, or you suffer from a foot deformity, consult Kevin J. Powers, DPM, in Bloomington, IN, before buying a pair of winter boots. Call our office at (812) 333-4422 to make an appointment. We also serve Bedford, Indianapolis, and Ellettsville!

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