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Neuropathy Relief to Sleep Well at Night

When you can’t fall asleep you can start at 100 and count backwards, turn the light on and read, get up and watch TV for a bit, or get a snack. Difficulty sleeping can be very frustrating and affect your lifestyle, causing fatigue during the day and affecting your mood and ability to concentrate. There are many reasons for insomnia, but if you live with nerve damage, neuropathy relief may increase your ability to get a good night’s rest.

As we mentioned above, lack of sleep can greatly affect your overall health and your general alertness and productivity, making it important to get to the bottom of it. Neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy, occurs as a result of nerve damage. It can happen in many areas of the body, and at our office we often see it as a condition among our patients with diabetes. High levels of blood sugar can lead to nerve damage and result in pain, tingling, numbness, burning, and extreme sensitivity to touch.

There a few reasons neuropathy tends to affect sleep patterns. First of all, the symptoms alone can be enough to keep you from falling asleep. While you are busy during the day, you may not be as aware of your discomfort as when you are lying quietly. You may find that you focus more on the pain while trying to fall asleep, and sleep deprivation may even lower your tolerance level.

Improving your daytime habits is the best place to start for a good night of rest. Take good care of your feet, maintain a healthy diet, and monitor your blood sugar levels. Limit your caffeine intake and avoid smoking. Create a comfortable sleeping environment and develop a relaxing bedtime ritual—maybe a warm bath, light reading,  or some breathing exercises. It may help to elevate your bed sheets so they aren’t in direct contact with your legs and feet.

Whether you have diabetes or not, Dr. Powers has specialized training for treatment and a cure for the burning pain of neuropathy. If your symptoms are not improving and you need neuropathy relief to regain your quality of life, we can help. Contact Kevin J. Powers, DPM at our office in Bloomington, IN by calling (812) 333-4422.

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