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Oh, Those Aching Joints! Causes of Arthritis

Foot-XRayTime to get the joint jumpin’! The Stardusters Little Big Band will be performing May 27 at Player’s Pub, bringing their swing and big band styles from 6-9 p.m. If your aching joints keep you from toe-tapping, you might have a form of arthritis. Not all are the same, though.

To understand the causes of arthritis, it pays to know what all is in a joint. A joint is where one bone moves on or connects to another, but there’s more involved than just that. The two bones of a joint are held together by ligaments, which form a capsule around them. Cartilage between the bones keeps them from grinding each other down as they rub, and synovial fluid fills the rest of the capsule to provide nutrients to the bones and cartilage.

When arthritis develops, something has gone wrong with one or more of these elements. The type of arthritis usually dictates what is affected. Here are a few:

Osteoarthritis – The cartilage becomes stiff and wears down in areas. As this changes the shape of the joint, ligaments and tendons can become stretched and painful, and the bones themselves may begin rubbing directly against each other.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – The immune system begins attacking the body’s own tissues; in this case the membrane that creates synovial fluid. This can cause swelling, and may eventually invade the other parts of the joint as well.

Post-traumatic Arthritis – This is similar to osteoarthritis, but stems from an injury. A fracture or dislocation can cause a joint to shift, making the cartilage begin to wear away. It can take years for this condition to develop, but an injured joint is many times more likely to become arthritic than an uninjured joint.

Regardless the cause of your arthritis, there are treatments that can help you find relief and get you in a more comfortable mood to swing. Call the office of Kevin Powers, DPM at (812) 333-4422 to schedule an appointment today.

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