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Choosing Orthotics or Inserts for Your Feet

Life is full of choices: what to put on your plate in the buffet line, what movie to watch when you are at the theater. The hard part of making choices is when it involves something that you are unfamiliar with, or when you don’t know what is best. What toothpaste should you use? Which shampoo is best? If you need help for foot pain, should you use orthotics or inserts? We can definitely help you figure out the last one.Custom orthotics help your feet!

If you have been living with painful feet, it is possible you have stood in the drugstore in front of a wall of inserts and scratched your head trying to choose the best one. These shoe inserts that you can get at any pharmacy are pre-packaged types that you slip inside your shoes. Several kinds are available depending on what sort of pain you are experiencing and where you need extra support.

They are usually “one size fits all,” but they can provide some help in alleviating discomfort. If you have flat feet they can support your arch with extra cushioning and stabilization. The fat pad on your heel can thin over time, but an insert can provide that extra padding to keep your feet comfortable. They may be okay for alleviating some symptoms on a day-to-day basis, but you can’t count on them to fix long-term problems or biomechanical issues with your feet.

Custom orthotics are a cut above the typical store-bought kind, as they are prescription inserts that are specially made for your feet. Using a mold or digital technology, they are crafted to your foot contours to provide support, stability and cushioning where needed. Some control motion, and others function just to boost support.

In our office, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bunions, diabetic foot ulcers, and heel pain are often helped with the use of custom orthotics. Contact Kevin J. Powers, DPM if you have questions and would like to see if orthotics can help you. Call our office in Bloomington, IN at (812) 333-4422.

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