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Pain-Free Financing Options through Our Office

Too many people hold off on visiting us because they feel their foot or ankle pain is a normal or unavoidable part of life. This just isn’t true, and we highly encourage you seek help for any problems or discomfort you have sooner rather than later. However, we know there’s another big reason for hesitation: money. It can be difficult to prepare to pay medical costs, especially if a condition arises out of the blue. We understand, and we don’t want you to avoid receiving the attention you need due to financial restraints. That’s why we offer financing options to assist you.

Advance Care offers financing options with up to 14 months free of interest. The interest rate after the free period will be based on your credit history and current financial situation. There are no prepayment penalties or punitive late fees involved, and decisions are often made very quickly after applying via their website. Co-applicants can also be accepted if necessary.

If you do not qualify for Advance Care or do not receive enough credit to cover a procedure, then MyMedicalFunding may be able to help. Installment loans provided through MyMedicalFunding are set at low, fixed-interest rates with fixed monthly payments and no prepayment penalties. Terms can last up to 60 months.

For more information on either of these financing options, visit or We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have on payment plans. Just call our Bloomington office at (812) 333-4422.

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