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Pamper Yourself with an At-Home Pedicure

Spring is just around the corner, and that means sandal weather is closer than you think. It’s time to let the pampering begin with a little TLC for your toes. So pick out a pretty color, pull off those socks, grab your tools, and follow these helpful at-home pedicure tips:

Soak your feet a bit first to soften skin, drying thoroughly afterward—don’t forget between your toes. Then slough of any rough spots by gently rubbing the area with a pumice stone—the key word being “gently.”

Nothing ruins a pedicure like the possibility of nail fungus. Protect yourself by sanitizing your tools before and after each use. Never, ever cut your cuticles or use force to push them back. Only a tiny cut is needed for bacteria to creep in and a fungal infection to grow.

Also, trimming your nails straight across is recommended to avoid the possibility of ingrown nails. You should do this by using a series of small cuts rather than one big one to prevent any tearing. Be careful not to go too short either—it’s best to keep nails even with the tips of your toes.

Now go ahead and paint some color on then sit back and admire. Maybe you can even slip some sandals on for a sneak peek.

Remember to follow these guidelines throughout the sandal season to ensure your toes stay pretty and safe. Of course, if you have diabetes, it’s best if you let us do the pampering to avoid risk of complications.

For more tips on at-home pedicures, contact Dr. Kevin J. Powers at (812) 333-4422. You can also visit us at our office in Bloomington, IN, or online and on Facebook. We are happy to help!

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