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Plantar Wart Treatments that Work

We had some fun in our last blog discussing some of the “treatments” people have tried in the past to cure their plantar warts. While “wart whispering” and rubbing snails against your feet have thankfully faded into obscurity, it’s time to get serious. What plantar wart treatments actually work?Treatment options for warts

Your aunt on Facebook can swear by any number of home remedies, and most are likely harmless. However, our realm is in what has been proven through medical experience and research. Here are a few of the practices used for treating plantar warts:

Prescription-strength Medication – Most medications for warts contain salicylic acid, which will remove the wart a thin layer at a time. Most treatment plans include applying the medicine on a set schedule at home and visiting the office now and then for checkups and more direct treatment.

Freezing – Also known as cryotherapy, this involves applying liquid nitrogen to a plantar wart. This causes the tissue of the wart to die and come off within about a week. Treatments are performed every few weeks until the wart disappears, but the application of the liquid nitrogen can be somewhat painful.

Minor Surgery – In certain cases, it may be best to physically cut the wart away. This is understandably painful, so the area would be numbed. It can also cause scars to form, so it is not often the recommended course of action.

Some treatment plans for plantar warts may involve more than one method, such as freezing followed by medication. The best course will depend on the severity of a case and the needs of the patient. The Bloomington office of Dr. Kevin Powers can guide you every step of the way. Just give us a call at (812) 333-4422 to schedule an appointment.

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