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Preventing Friction Against Your Feet

Everyone generally agrees that things are much more pleasant when they’re running smoothly. Abrasiveness is a hard thing to endure for a long time, and we only need to look to the current election cycle for evidence. You’re likely not running for office, but you are running around town. If you want to avoid corns and calluses, then you want to avoid the friction against your feet that can cause them.

As you might expect, footwear is an extremely important consideration in reducing friction stress on the feet. Make sure your shoes fit properly (especially when your feet are biggest toward the end of the day) and the fronts of them allow for comfortable movement of your toes. If a shoe doesn’t fit well, don’t try to get it stretched or “broken in.” This just doesn’t work.

If for some reason you do have to endure time in shoes that rub against problem areas of your feet, try a moleskin pad or an adhesive bandage to provide a cushion of protection. If the problem is between your toes, there are separators you can buy. Lamb’s wool can even work.

Really, though, you should limit your time in these shoes as much as possible. For example, consider going in to work with well-fitting sneakers before having to change into heels or stiff work shoes.

There may some additional factors to keep in mind when it comes to preventing corns and calluses, such as hammertoes or excessive sweating. For conditions such as these, and for any other help or advice with corns and calluses, the office of Dr. Kevin Powers can help you find the best configurations to keep your feet smooth and happy. Call our Bloomington, IN office at (812) 333-4422 to get in touch with us.

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