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Preventing Problems in Your Achilles Tendon

Running can get addictive for some people. Start out with something like the Race for Literacy 5K in Bloomington on June 11, and you might eventually find yourself running full marathons! Once you get the hang of running shorter distances, maybe you can ramp up to longer ones—but there’s a best way to do so for preventing Achilles tendon problems.

Preventing injuries such as Achilles tendonitis or even a full rupture of the tendon is largely about ensuring your Achilles and their surrounding muscles are properly conditioned for the activities you wish to engage in. Having the sudden inspiration to run a 100m dash with no prior running training is a ticket to injury. Start slowly in a sport or activity, then gradually build the intensity over the course of weeks until you’re ready to take on intense challenges. Your whole body will thank you for this; not just your tendons!

Even when you are fully-conditioned, take 5-10 minutes before the big event to do some dynamic stretching, too. What’s dynamic? It means to get moving, such as with some light walking or biking. Doing some stretches for the calves and plantar fascia will also help take excess stress of the Achilles they’re connected to.

Shoes and custom orthotics can also provide additional help keeping your Achilles tendon in check. If you need help finding the best ways of preventing Achilles tendon problems, or have suffered from an injury that needs treatment, call the Bloomington office of Dr. Kevin Powers at (812) 333-4422. We’re here to help you keep moving!

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