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Protect Your Feet from Neuropathy and Other Complications

When the body experiences high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes, the nerves in the feet and ankles can be damaged. While certain individuals will not experience any of the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, some will develop tingling, burning, sharp pain, cramps, extreme sensitivity when touched, and a loss of coordination and balance. By taking the proper precautions and protecting your feet, you can reduce your risk for developing neuropathy, poor circulation, and other complications.

Let no sore go unnoticed. If left untreated, small problems can lead to disastrous tribulations associated with infection and even amputation. Diabetes leads to poor circulation and numbness in the feet, which means that ulcers and infections take longer to heal. You can protect your feet by following these preventative measures:

  • No smoking. Smoking is known for decreasing blood flow in the small blood vessels of your lower limbs. This slows the healing process.
  • Daily self-examinations are a must! Check your limbs for anything out of the ordinary. Have you noticed any redness or changes in temperature? Has the cut been taking an abnormally long time to heal? Check for swelling, tingling, and numbness. These are all things that should be noted and discussed with your podiatrist.
  • Be careful when exercising! Stay away from running or jogging and opt for an exercise bike or pool exercises instead.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, astringent, and iodine on your feet. Instead, wash your feet with lukewarm water. Gently pat them dry and apply moisturizer daily.
  • Socks and shoes are your friends. Your shoes should be sturdy and comfortable. Nothing should be too tight or apply too much pressure or friction. Be sure to check them before placing your feet inside, as there may be a stone or pebble that could scratch your skin. Opt for white fabric socks that show blood spots or other fluid to alarm you of something is awry.

Avoid anything that can hurt your feet. If something does happen, our office in Bloomington, IN, can help. If you’re experiencing the neuropathy symptoms described above, make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Powers by calling (812) 333-4422 today!

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