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Recovering from Foot Drop: Treatment That Helps

WonderLab in Bloomington, IN is one of the top 25 science centers in the country and will be hosting the Wonder Wonka Food Factory event on August 3, 2014. This day of magical, edible chemistry experiments will give you a behind the scenes look into how some incredible creations are made. While food and feet really have nothing in common, when you have a condition such as foot drop, you need to get behind the scenes to find out what is causing it so you can treat it properly.

Foot drop, also called drop foot, is a condition where the front of the foot cannot be lifted up. It is common to have to drag your foot along the ground when you walk. In some cases it is temporary, but it can also be a permanent disability. An underlying neurological problem, muscle weakness, an anatomical issue, or peripheral nerve problem are the usual causes for this condition.

Foot drop treatment starts with finding the underlying cause. Once that is identified and treated, it is possible that the drop foot can improve and even go away completely. It is when the cause cannot be treated that it may become a permanent condition. If this is the case, our treatment method will be tailored to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible. Foot drop treatment may include a combination of splints, braces, nerve stimulation, and physical therapy to strengthen leg muscles and improve range-of-motion. Orthotics can also help hold the foot in a normal position. If the condition is severe, surgery to fuse bones or transfer functioning tendons can be performed.

If you have the symptoms of foot drop, call Dr. Kevin J. Powers, DPM, at (812) 333-4422, or visit our Bloomington, IN, office. Dr. Kevin Powers is the only foot specialist specially trained to perform a nerve decompression procedure to cure drop foot. He’s been trained at Mayo Clinic and the prestigious Dellon Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery in Baltimore, MD.


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