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Recovering from a Foot Fracture

A broken foot is certainly not one of the best things to happen during a busy summer. You likely won’t be marching in the 4th of July Parade—or likely not without crutches, at least—and hitting water slides will definitely need to go on hiatus for a bit. Recovering from a foot fracture can take some time, but better to wait now than risk further and longer lasting damage.

Recovery time for a broken bone in the foot can vary depending upon which bone is involved and the severity of the fracture, but 6-8 weeks is a relatively good average. In some cases, if a fracture is clean and the bones have not shifted, the area will be immobilized to allow the bone fragments a chance to reconnect. In a broken toe, this may involve taping it to a neighboring toe as a form of splint, with gauze placed between them. In other bones, this may require anything from a stiff shoe to a removable brace or full cast.

If the bones have shifted and become displaced, they may need to be manipulated back into place. In some cases, surgery might even be required to hold the bones in proper place. Recovery time can be expected to lengthen some based on which procedures are needed.

Rest, elevation, and anti-inflammatory drugs may all be recommended as part of recovering from a foot fracture. Once the bones have healed and pain has disappeared, the process is likely not fully finished yet. The area you have had to keep off or keep immobilized all this time will likely need some physical therapy to re-strengthen and regain flexibility.

Dr. Kevin Powers and our Bloomington office will see you through all of a broken foot recovery, from treatment to follow-up care. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (812) 333-4422 or using our online form.

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