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Recovering From Nerve Surgery

As part of Indiana’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week, all 43 Monroe County tornado sirens were tested on March 19. Obviously, this was done with weather in mind, but it got us thinking about the body’s natural warning systems. Your nervous system is a remarkable network that alerts your brain when something isn’t right and danger is imminent, much like a tornado siren does. It is essential that this system is able to perform its job, and this means that nerve surgery is sometimes a necessary procedure.

When you make the decision to undergo nerve decompression surgery, we will sit down and talk first so you can understand everything that it entails. Much like the value of a tornado siren, knowing what to expect can help you prepare properly. A key part of the process that we will cover is recovery from the surgery.

While you are recovering, it is important to pay attention to your bandages and ensure that they are kept dry, clean, and intact. This is an essential part of preventing an infection from occurring.

It will be important to keep weight off of your affected foot. You will not need them particularly long, but be sure to follow our instructions with regard to usage. In addition to avoiding placing weight on the foot, keep it elevated when you are lying down or sitting. Propping it up on a couple of pillows can be quite helpful.

At some point within the first 3 weeks, we will remove the stitches and evaluate your progress.

Physical therapy is an effective tool that keeps your joints flexible following nerve surgery. You do not want stiff foot or ankle joints that restrict movement once your muscles are back up to speed, and this therapy will prevent that from happening. It can also help with any “re-education” your brain may need after the affected nerve has recovered.

When you need expert surgical care for damaged nerves, make an appointment with our Bloomington, IN office. We will ensure that you receive the treatment and proper instructions for a full recovery. Contact the office of Kevin Powers, DPM today by calling (812) 333-4422.


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