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Returning to Sports after a Metatarsal Fracture

When you hear about a break on the field, you always want it to be from a huddle, not in your foot. If you have experienced a metatarsal fracture, however, you’re definitely going to be off your feet for a while. Many athletes can’t wait to get moving again, but it’s best to do so after a careful rehabilitation plan. Although only one bone might have been injured, the whole foot and ankle should be reconditioned to help prevent re-injury!Playing sports on a hurt foot

While it is best to arrange a proper plan with experts such as us here at the office of Dr. Kevin Powers, here are some general ideas of what rehabilitation exercises will focus on:

Range of Motion/Mobility – Even if the injury was to your midfoot, it can still cause stiffness ranging through the foot and ankle. Having had to sit out in a cast certainly doesn’t help this, either. Focusing on rebuilding mobility in certain areas will likely be recommended, with exercises including ankle circles, toe points, and calf stretches able to help.

Conditioning – Typically, conditioning exercises can begin a couple months or later after a fracture, but it will depend on your specific case. Balance training can usually come back into play at this time, and even drills specific to your sport or activity.

As you continue to recover and even well after, it’s still very important that the injured area is well supported. Not all injuries are able to return to full strength with even the best treatment, making them more prone to re-injury and deterioration over time. In these situations, we can make custom orthotics to provide the protection and correction needed to reduce re-injury risks and increase your confidence in the game.

You shouldn’t expect to bounce back immediately after healing from a metatarsal fracture, but we can help you get back up to speed in a safe and effective way. Schedule an appointment by calling our Bloomington office at (812) 333-4422 and arrange a pro team around your recovery.

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