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Shoes For Bunions: Search for Comfort

The fall season is a time when the fashion scene comes alive. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week takes place in several different countries throughout the fall and showcases the latest from the time-honored and up-and-coming designers. Shoes are always a hot topic, but there often is no thought given to comfort—only what will grab attention on the runway. If you have bunions, sacrificing comfort for fashion may have you hobbling in pain at the end of the day. The right kind of shoes for bunions will not only keep your feet happy during the day, but also help prevent the problem from getting worse.

Whether your bunion problem is at the beginning stages, or you have a nasty, painful bump protruding out of the side of your foot, what you wear on your feet is crucial. Bunions typically develop due to a faulty foot structure, and you may not be able to prevent them from eventually making their presence known. You can, however, delay their progression, and a big factor is the footwear you choose. Ladies, unfortunately those tight, pointy high heels are simply not going to be friendly to your bunion-prone feet. This type of shoe only forces your toes into an unnatural, awkward position, which will encourage the big toe to lean inward even further and make the bump even bigger.

Purchase shoes for the larger foot if your feet are different sizes, and go shopping later in the day when your feet are biggest. Whether you need a narrow shoe or a wider style, don’t settle until you find one that really fits your feet well. Look for a pair with a wide, deep toe box and made of a stretchable material. Custom orthotics and bunion pads can also offer cushioning and support, so you’ll need to find shoes with room to accommodate these if you are going to wear them.

Comfort and support is important in shoes for bunions. If you are struggling with pain or can’t find the right pair of shoes, contact Kevin J. Powers, DPM for help. You can reach our office in Bloomington, IN by calling (812) 333-4422.

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