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Standing Up Against Foot Pain at Work

Forgive us, please, but we do take a little bit of umbrage toward the term “standing around at work all day” being used to imply laziness or inactivity. Things might not be speedy or productive at the moment, depending on the job, but your feet are hard at work supporting your body. Standing or walking all day can create excess stress on your lower body and cause foot pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis. If your job demands a lot from your feet, take as many steps as possible to help prevent problems.

If your work makes you stand in pretty much one spot for hours at a time, it is worth seeing if you or your company can invest in some padded floor mats. Having some extra cushioning between your feet and a hard floor can relieve a bit of the stress on your feet. If possible, it can also help to take a few moments every hour or so to stretch your calf muscles. This is especially true if you tend to suffer from heel pain.

Your footwear is also an important element, of course, but many people wear shoes or boots that are too constrictive of blood flow to their feet. Make sure you are properly fitted for your shoes, as sizes do change over time. And don’t overlook the potential benefits of custom orthotics or inserts designed with your foot shape and stability in mind.

You work hard, so you should have a podiatrist keeping the health and happiness of your feet in mind. Dr. Kevin Powers in Bloomington can help you pinpoint the sources of your foot and heel pain and suggest the best ways to combat them. Phone our office at (812) 333-4422 to schedule an appointment and put us on the job for you.

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