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Stretching with Heel Pain

Despite what you may think, stretching is actually a form of physical exercise. While stretching, you deliberately focus on a specific muscle or tendon in order to improve its elasticity, flexibility, and overall muscle control. Stretching can even help with heel pain! If you’re experiencing pain near the rear of your feet, we’ve got some heel pain stretches for you to try!Stretch out those legs and feet

Simon says, stretch your calf muscle. Stand about 1 foot from a wall, with your palms firmly planted at chest level, and step back with one foot. With both feet flat on the floor, keep the back knee straight and bend the front one. Your toes should be pointed straight ahead or slightly inward, toward the body. Press and bend into the wall until you feel a gentle stretch in the calf of your back leg. Hold this for a count of 10. Simon says, switch legs.

For some exercises, you can employ props. For this foot stretch, grab a towel and weights. Sit on a chair with your feet resting flat in front of you. Place the towel beneath your feet, gripping one end with your toes. Slowly curl your toes toward you. As your feet become stronger, add weight.

Another towel stretch is done by sitting on the floor. With feet stretched out in front, roll the towel lengthwise and loop it around one foot. Begin by gently pulling the towel toward your body with your hands and repeat with the other foot.

Don’t be bothered by heel pain. If you’re in need of a more intensive treatment, like orthotics, contact our office in Bloomington, IN. If your heel pain is persistent and continuously painful, come on in for an evaluation. Make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Powers by calling (812) 333-4422 today!

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