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Take Care of Your Bunions at Home

Sometimes you have to be creative in fixing things to make them last. An old treasured antique may not look as good as new, but you can add polish and tweak parts here and there so it works. You can find such fixed-up items at the local B-Town, Jolly Roger, or other flea markets all the time. When things go wrong in your home and you can’t afford an expensive technician, sometimes you have to get creative and fix what’s wrong on your own. While bunions can ultimately be corrected with surgery if that is the route you choose, there are ways to take care of your bunions at home to prevent them from getting to that stage.Stretch out those bunions

A bunion problem often develops because of inherited foot structure prone to this type of deformity. A foot injury, certain type of arthritis, and certain footwear can each be contributing factors as well. When the structures within your foot cannot bear or distribute weight properly, the big toe joint can become unstable and the big toe shifts over. It is when this happens that the characteristic bony bump protrudes on the side of the foot.

If you already have bunions, whether severe or just starting, start out by wearing the right kind of shoes. Steer clear of styles with tight, pointed toe boxes that would only encourage the toe to push over farther, and avoid high heels that put all of your body weight onto the ball of the foot. A weakened structure doesn’t need any unnecessary extra pressure. If your bunions are painful, avoid activities that aggravate the toe joint and apply an ice pack several times a day to reduce pain and swelling. Talk to your doctor to see if there is a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication that is appropriate for you to take. You can also try bunion pads or moleskin on pressure areas to protect the bunion from rubbing in your shoes. Last, it may be very helpful to wear a pair of orthotic inserts in your shoes to keep your foot stable and cushioned.

We don’t want you living life with pain and we know how painful bunions can get if they aren’t treated properly. Contact Dr. Kevin Powers if you have concerns about your bunions or would like further information. Call our office in Bloomington, IN at (812) 333-4422 for an appointment today.

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