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The Many Kinds of Joint Breakdown

foot massageWant to craft a slab of Indiana limestone into a work of art? You can get a chance during the Indiana Limestone Symposium in Ellettsville, running June 7-27, 2015. Sign up for all three weeks or pay as you go by the day—you’ll receive the tools and instruction you need. Just like the variety of tools available to take on limestone, there are various types of arthritis that can cause a joint breakdown as well. We can’t show you how to make a swan for your garden, but we can instruct you on your foot and ankle health.

There are three main types of this disease that can strike the foot and ankle, each with a different source.

Osteoarthritis is what many likely first imagine when they hear of a joint breakdown. This is the “wear-and-tear” form of the condition, in which the cartilage that provides cushioning between the bones of a joint wears away over time. Eventually, the bones themselves can begin rubbing against each other, causing pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis commonly begins in the foot and ankle, but can spread to other joints of the body. It is an autoimmune disease that targets the synovium, the lining that surrounds and nourishes joints. The synovium becomes inflamed, and eventually the other parts of the joint can become swollen and damaged as well.

Post-traumatic arthritis can happen years after sustaining an injury such as a sprain or fracture. A joint may become affected in a way that erodes the cartilage between the bones, much as with osteoarthritis. A joint that was injured in the past is much more likely to become arthritic than one that is pristine.

Regardless of the cause, a gradual breakdown of the joints is best addressed as soon as possible to avoid whatever further deterioration we can. Call Kevin Powers, DPM at (812) 333-4422 for a full evaluation and the tools you need to fight back against painful joints.


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