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The Many Myths of Plantar Warts

Plantar WartsAs long as people have had warts, they have come up with all kinds of crazy reasons why these bumps have appeared or vanished on their skin. Whether plantar warts on the feet or anywhere else, the stories tend to be far-reaching.

You may be well aware of the myth that touching a toad or frog will get you warts, but did you know rats and chickens are common wart myths in Asian countries? A “plain colored” chicken was considered specifically troublesome in places such as Thailand and the Philippines, as their native chickens are often of mixed colors.

Myths for treating warts can be especially amusing. According to old English folklore, you could try cutting an apple in half, rubbing each piece on your warts, putting the apple back together and burying it. Don’t have an apple? Rub a black snail against your warts instead and then toss the poor creature into the thorns! Or you could just lean in and whisper to your warts to get them to leave, often in the form of threatening to burn them if they’re not gone in a week.

Why are wart myths so common in history? It’s likely because almost everyone gets them at some point in their lives, seemingly out of the blue. And just as mysteriously as they appear, they tend to clear up the same way, too. That’s just the nature of HPV, the virus responsible for your plantar warts.

Whispering to your warts certainly won’t hurt you (at least in private), but the Bloomington office of Dr. Kevin Powers is here to help with professional treatments to clear your plantar warts faster. We’re always welcoming new patients, so call us at (812) 333-4422 for all your foot and ankle care needs.

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