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Treatment Options for Corns

Corns and CallusesThere are several remedies to try when treating the thickened skin of a corn. A pumice stone will help remove the dead skin from the bump, reducing its presence and accelerating recovery. Soak your feet in very warm water for about 10 minutes to soften the skin, then gently rub the stone against the affected area for up to 5 minutes. Pat your feet dry and repeat for several days until the corn vanishes. Remember to be patient, however; the goal is not to grind the corn off in one sitting. That’s only going to cause pain and a potential infection.

Other ingredients can help further soften or exfoliate the affected skin. Dabbing some castor oil or diluted white vinegar (1 part to 3 parts water) onto the corn, or soaking in a baking soda solution (3 tablespoons in a basin of warm water) can be effective too.

If corns continue to bother you, give the office of Dr. Kevin Powers a call. We can pare down your corns and also help with treatments and orthotics to keep them from reappearing. It is important to mention, if you have diabetes, don’t attempt any treatments yourself as you may risk injury and infection. We’d be happy to handle things instead.

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