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Ways to Moisturize Dry Feet

Winter may be on its way out in Bloomington, IN (we hope!), but there are still going to be days when you have the heat cranked up. When you are cold and you turn on the heat, though, you likely aren’t thinking about the way it can lead to dry feet. In the wintertime, your feet face the danger of becoming excessively dry on two fronts – arid, heated air indoors and the bone dry winter air outside.Take care of feet in winter

Fortunately, we have tips for you on how to prevent dry feet. This is an important part of your foot health, especially for those who live with diabetes. When you have a condition that affects your circulation and immune system, you need to take every possible precaution that you can to avoid an infection. When your feet become excessively dry, it leads to cracks and fissures that can allow microorganisms to infect your body.

Even if you do not have a disease that compromises your health, you still want to avoid the risk of infection and symptoms that accompany dry skin. Here are some tips for keeping your feet moist and healthy:

  • The first step for healthy skin should be to identify risk factors and prevent them. These include long, hot showers and baths, harsh soaps, and low levels of humidity. So limit your time spent bathing and do not use excessively hot water. Switch to mild soaps that have moisturizers in them. Run a humidifier in the bedroom when you have the heat on.
  • Apply moisturizer to your feet after you hop out of the shower or bath. One of the ways that moisturizers work is by trapping moisture in your skin. After you have bathed, your skin is already moist, so gently towel off excess water and then use moisturizer for optimal performance.
  • Apply moisturizer before going to bed. Rub moisturizer into the top, bottom, and heel areas of your feet and then put on thick socks for the night. Avoid the areas between your toes, however, to prevent the risk of fungal infection.

No matter if you simply would like further information, need to establish a foot care plan, or require expert medical care for your diabetic feet, we have you covered! Contact our Bloomington, IN office by calling (812) 333-4422 or requesting an appointment online today.

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