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What Orthotics Can and Can’t Do

You’ve probably come across them more than once: the “as seen on TV” products that make sweeping claims of marvelous feats—as long as they’re within the confines of that small legal text in the corner of the screen. Custom-made orthotics aren’t going to make Julienne fries, but we’ve seen people who have a misunderstanding of what they are and how they are used. Let’s start to set the record straight.

An orthotic is a device or insert that is specially made to correct or provide support around a problem that causes an abnormal gait or balance of weight. They can absorb shock, relieve pressure from painful areas, and improve one’s stability. Having them made specifically for your feet is the key, as this provides the most effective treatment. Buying inserts at a store will very likely not provide the same effect.

Some people think orthotics are mostly for athletes and active people. The truth is that many different lifestyles can benefit from them. This includes people who might work standing up all day, as well as people with special conditions such as diabetes that make their feet especially vulnerable to damage.

Will orthotics actually “fix” someone’s feet? No. Issues such as fallen arches will not disappear over time with the use of custom devices. However, their use can alleviate the symptoms associated with these types of conditions and prevent them from becoming worse. This makes them an often good alternative to surgery.

But wait, there’s more! If you suffer from chronic aches, pains or other problems in your feet and ankles, orthotics might be an effective option for finding relief. Dr. Kevin Powers and his staff can help you determine the best routes to take for your situation. Schedule an appointment with our office in Bloomington by calling (812) 333-4422. Our receptionist is standing by!

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